1. What does 75B stand for?

75 is the band size and it means that you have 75 cm around your bra, directly under your bust, whereas B is the cup size, measured at the fullest part of your bust. For more information, see tab Size chart.

2. What is MicroModal?

MicroModal is a processed natural fibre, or an actual modal fibre. The difference is that it is woven from much finer filaments in order to produce finer fibres. That is why the fibres are distinguished by enhanced hydrophilic qualities, soft touch, and ideal wear properties.

3. What is the difference between an underwire bra and a softcup bra?

The difference is in the support a bra offers to the breasts. Every bust needs its own type of bra. Wire-free (softcup) bras are mainly intended for women who are sensitive to wires, and would like to have softer support. Wire-free bras are also available in full-figure sizes.

4. A seamless bra, what is it like?

A bra with lined, moulded cups is often referred to as a seamless bra. The cups have a smooth surface; there are no seams that would be visible on the outer garment.

5. What would you recommend to shape my body?

It depends on the body figure. We have a wide range of shapewear lingerie: body Hilda, control briefs Vanda, Beti, Jera …

6. What bra would you recommend to make my breasts look larger?

Dilana. It is a bra with an oil push-up system that makes the breasts larger by a size or two.

7. Why do wires in a bra break or fall out of the cup band?

It is the result of incorrect maintenance. If we want our bras to remain beautiful and effective as long as possible, we have to follow the instructions for use. If we apply machine-washing in an overloaded spin basket, with no protection, and perhaps at an excessive temperature, or with inadequate washing powder, we can expect what the destiny of the bra will be.


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