A bra with a support – in the baskets under the breasts it has a layered wire that supports the breasts and brightens their appearance; The bra basket also fits better with the breast.

Bra with moulded baskets – a bra with thermally shaped baskets. The advantage of the bra is that there are no visible seams on the basket and thus does not leave contours on the outerwear.

A bra with foam-shaped baskets – the bra is lined with seamless foam-shaped baskets. There are no seams on the baskets, so the bra does not leave visible contours on the outerwear.

Bra push-up − a bra with heavily lined baskets and braces is especially suitable for smaller breasts as it optically enhances them.

Minimizer – a bra whose main purpose is to optically reduce the breasts by one basket size. It has seamless thermally shaped baskets that give excellent chest support and seamless appearance on outerwear.

Breast-to-breastfeeding bra – it's a bra with no support with built-in pins for easy to uncoute baskets. It is made of natural materials that allow for pleasant feel and easy maintenance.

Breast surgery bra – as a rule, a bra without a jack. It has a clad lining on the inside that allows the prosthetic insertion of a prosthetic insertor (on the left or right side).

Bustje – extended bra with support in baskets, which can also be lined; reach a few inches below the chest, but can also up to the navel.

Body – an extended bra or top with panties in one part, which is made of more flexible material.

Corset – firmer, reinforced, extended bra with corset or classic sock belt in one part is made of firmer material and tailored so that the body shapes (compresses); support to the back and abdominal muscles.

String – high-cut panties in the toe, which do not cover the buttocks in the back.

Tang panties – panties that extend to the middle of the middle of the herd or waist. The back and front of the knickers on the side combines a thin strap or elastic.

Brazil – Knickers with very high neckline in the toe and with the front, which has a distinct v-shaped shape.

Slip panties – panties with a foot neckline, which ranges from mini on the hips to maxi at the waist.

Hipster – cing and cover your hips. Very popular with low-waisted fashion in outerwear.

Boxer panties – have short, tight trouser legs. They are suitable for recreation and especially popular among younger consumers. However, the briefs may also be extended to the knees and as such suitable for all those with strong thighs.

Mider trousers – are designed to compress and shape the body (herd). The elastic knitwear from which the models are made are flexible but firm. Some models are further reinforced with linings on the abdominal part. Because of their function, they can be used after various surgeries.