1. What does 75B mean?

75 cm is a 75 cm upper-toe, and B represents the volume of the baskets, which is also defined by a measure representing the circumference of the thoracic part. View tab - size table.

2. What material is modal micro?

Modal micro is a chemically regenerated cellulose (processed natural)fibre or actual modal fibre with this difference, so that in the production process it is ousted from much thinner filaments from which finer fibres are obtained. For these reasons, fibres have even better properties such as hydrophilia (waterproofness), extremely soft feel, and products offer high comfort when wearing.

3. What is the difference between a bra with and without a bone?

The difference is in breast design. Every breast needs their own bra. Boneless bras are designed primarily for those consumers who are more sensitive and do not tolerate bone-metal supports and want gentler supports. Bras without support are also in larger numbers and thus suitable for larger breasts.

4. Bra without stitches, what is that bra?

A bra with thermally shaped baskets is often referred to as a seamless bra. Such baskets allow for a smooth surface of baskets, no visible seams through the outerwear.

5. What do you recommend for the design of the physique?

Run Hilda, run panties Vanda, Beti, Jera. It depends on the need of the body.

6. Which bra do you recommend for breast augmentation?

Dilana is a bra with an oil push up-top that increases breasts by a size or two.

7. Why do the bones in the bra break or escape from the velurtraku?

All this happens because of improper laundry maintenance. If we want bras to stay as long as we have bought them, we must follow the instructions for use. Machine wash in an over-drum, with a centrifuge without protection, and if you add too high a temperature or inappropriate detergents, the fate of the product is clear.