KOMET has been a co-branded, functional and fashionable women's underwear since the 1960s, with which we like a woman who is confident, fashionable, tidy and happy to emphasize her femininity. KOMET is always in step with the latest technological innovations in both the selection, finishing and use of modern materials.

KOMET has its own production and has been continuously producing women's and men's underwear and swimwear since the 1960s. Komet's lingerie is designed according to the latest fashion guidelines and aims to satisfy a wide range of audiences. From those who voh for elegance and functionality, to young people who vying for fashion trends.

The future of the KOMET brand is based on the development of underwear and swimwear, which follows and creates fashion guidelines. KOMET is becoming one of the leading brands in the Slovenian market, as it is also established in other global markets.