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Pyjamas Dalil


Youthful pyjamas with a patent in a gentle pastel colour. The trousers are patterned, and the shirt is made of single-colour fabric, tailored, a little longer and with an interesting inscription "follow your dreams""."



Table of sizes

A table of international European measures (see table) based on four dimensions is helpful in determining the right size:

A: breast circumference

B: Range below breasts

C: Waist circumference

D: Circumference of the

Determine the correct bra size

First, we determine the base size based on the subtax range. Measure over the back at the height of the dorsal neckline and at the front under the chest fold. Then measure the chest circumference. Place the seamstress over the back at the height of the dorsal neckline (where the bra is usually breasted) and then place it over the chest warts to the chest – until the recess between the breasts. This measure is then compared with the previously measured volume below the breasts.

Tabela velikosti

Data sheet

Cotton 90%, Elastan 10%

Specific References

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